This Woman Let 30 Mosquitos Bite Her and the Results Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Mosquitoes suck, and any remotely sensible person swats them away like the blood-sucking parasites that they are. But not Maddie Moate from BBC Earth Unplugged. She’s cavalier and curious, and lets mosquitoes feast on her arms in the good name of science. In an experiment to see just how the terrible little creatures feed off human flesh, Moate put her arm in a box filled with 30 mosquitoes. For this, she deserves plaudits, because her arm quickly became a feeding frenzy, and presumably itched a great deal afterwards.

As Moate learns, the mosquitoes can spend up to 3 minutes draining your blood, expanding their own body weight by 2-3 times during this process. To make it all the more excruciating, mosquitoes even poop on you to make more room for your blood, because they're vengeful, little pricks. The mosquitoes in this video are of the same Aedes aegypti species that carry wonderful viruses like Dengue fever and the Zika Virus, although the ones that bit Moate weren’t infected with anything.

Surprisingly, you learn from watching the video that mosquitoes are one of the most dangerous animals in the world, as they’re responsible for more human deaths a year than any other animals. Of course, the fatalities don't stem from the bugs themselves, but from the viruses they carry, but it's still a pretty jarring statistic. 

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