Live Almost Anywhere With These $32K Prefab Houses That Take 6 Hours to Build

Chances are your home is filled with furniture you built from flat packs. In fact, you're probably a master builder after the 10,000 hours you spent on that first IKEA bookshelf alone. As you can see in the video above, you can now use all that preparation to cut out the middle man and build an entire new home from a flat pack in just six hours.

This fully functional, foldable house is called M.A.Di. No concrete base is necessary; all you need is a patch of land with level ground, handy friends (or, ya know, professionals), and six hours. Water, sanitary, electrical, air-conditioning (hot/cold), connections for the kitchen, and drainage systems are all pre-installed. When you want to move, you fold it up again, ship it, and reassemble. 

The design is from Italian architect Renato Vidal. Depending on the model, it'll run you between $32,800 and $72,650. Options include the "Single Module" (which is called Tiny for a reason) at 290 square feet, up to the "Triple Module" at 904 square feet. According the M.A.Di. website, the house can also be used for "temporary villages for sports, fairs and first aid facilities in case of natural disasters."

The modules have galvanized steel frames, which fold out, for the opening and closing of the structure, but the roof pitches, interior flooring, and walls come on mounting boards. Those materials can be customized according to your preferences (read: finances). While these homes aren't large, minimalism is on-trend, and they're seismically stable, which is important. Also, since the home is based around modules, you can always add more later to expand your square footage. 

When packed down, the height is just under 5 feet, so you can put it in storage for a while if you're leaving the country. It'll be a great way to prevent break-ins.

The houses will start to be sold around two months from now.

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