New Hot Pink Fruity Pebbles Will Turn Your Milk Blue Somehow

fruity pebbles magic milk changes color hot pink blue new product cereal post brand
Edited - Courtesy of Post

If you want to immediately feel like you're seven again -- waking up on Saturday morning to watch cartoons and not caring about how much sugar is in your cereal -- then you look no further than Post's new Magic Fruity Pebbles.

No, it doesn't have plastic toys inside, but it does have hot pink pebbles that turn your milk blue like magic. Strange, slightly unsettling, magic. 

“The PEBBLES brand is always looking for new ways to spark imagination in kids and kids at heart,” Amy Brothers, brand manager for the company, said in a statement. “We’re excited to put a magical twist on our classic vibrant colors while staying true to the delicious fruity taste that fans love. Magic Fruity PEBBLES cereal takes the eating experience to a whole new level.”

It's genuinely impressive. The color change is immediate and turns your cereal bowl into a weird mix of pink and blue hues. The flavor of the cereal tastes like regular Fruity Pebbles, meaning it's sugary and sweet and vaguely, artificially fruity. You can get this whimsical and nostalgic cereal at grocery stores nationwide beginning mid-February. 

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