The Maldives Will Introduce a New Tax Based on What Class You Fly

Prepare to pony up some cash.


Whether you live in the Maldives or you're just there on vacation, you better get ready to cough up some cash. Locals and travelers alike will soon have to pay a departure tax, which the country is introducing on January 1, 2022.

Maldives president Ibrahim Mohamed Solih ratified an amendment to the country's Airport Taxes and Fees Act earlier this week, according to Travel + Leisure. The act now includes a departure tax for anyone leaving the Maldives by plane. 

Raajje, a news site serving the Maldives, reported that the fee will depend on where passengers live, as well as what class they're flying. People who live in the Maldives will only have to pay $12 if they're traveling in economy. Non-residents, on the other hand, will pay $30 if they're traveling in the same class. 

The fee increases with each flight class. For business class, travelers will pay up to $60. First-class fees are as high as $90, and up to $120 for people traveling on private charter planes. Passengers with diplomatic immunity and children under two will not have to pay any fees, however. Airlines will be responsible for collecting these fees, according to Raajje. 

The new departure tax isn't the only new fee associated with traveling out of the Maldives. Travelers flying from Velanda International Airport, the main airport in the area, will also have to pay a $25 fee, which is being called an Airport Development Fee.

Although the departure tax hasn't been implemented yet, there are other fees associated with traveling to and from the Maldives. Currently, travelers have to pay a $25 Airport Service Charge. That fee will remain in effect until December 31, before getting replaced by the new fees.

h/t Travel + Leisure

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