Man Caught With Red Sauce All Over His Face Arrested for Stealing a Pot of Meatballs

The secret to a successful robbery actually isn't much of a secret: don't leave any obvious evidence linking yourself with the crime. That's doubly true if the item you're trying to make off with is inherently messy. Unfortunately, a hungry Pennsylvania man who stole a big ol' pot of saucy meatballs didn't get the memo, because he was quickly caught quite literally red-handed after being spotted with red sauce smeared all over his face and clothes

On Monday, Leahman G.R. Potter, 48, of Drums, Pennsylvania was charged with burglary, criminal trespass, and theft by unlawful taking after he allegedly snatched a pot of meatballs from his neighbor's garage. After returning home around 2:30pm, the victim realized his batch o' balls were missing, alerted the authorities, and told them he suspected Potter was the culprit after having seen him in front of his house, covered in red sauce.

The state troopers who responded located the pot in question on the street outside the garage, and apprehended Potter a short time later at his home. It's unclear whether or not the would-be meatball caper managed to wash up before he was taken to the station, though. Why exactly the victim had a stash of meatballs in a pot in his garage remains a mystery as well.

Not that we'd condone theft, but let this be a lesson that if you're plotting to swipe some sloppy snacks, maybe plan ahead and bring some WetNaps.

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