Watch This Insane Man BASE Jump Through the Clouds

Dubai is home to some of the biggest skyscrapers in the world, and consequently, the city is a playground for hedonists who BASE jump off these buildings for sport.

Take for example this maniac -- he leaps from a 75-story balcony at the Sulafa Tower skyscraper in the Dubai Marina, hurtling downward through thick morning clouds like a bonafide lunatic. He shot the whole thing with a Go-Pro, so everyone could understand the trepidation he probably felt.

Just watch the whole thing for yourself, and feel free to cringe and or scream:

click to play video

From the top perspective, the BASE jumper literally disappears into the abyss, and looks minuscule by the time his parachute deploys. He lands safely at a construction site, but only after being enveloped in fog and perhaps soiling himself in the process.  

HT Gizmodo

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