This Dude's Slip & Fall Scam Fail Is Just Hilariously Bad

In the pantheon of popular small-time insurance scams, the fake slip and fall may be among the most iconic...

In the pantheon of popular small-time insurance scams, the fake slip and fall may be among the most iconic. Schemers have been taking intentional spills in grocery stores, department stores, and wherever else they can shamelessly muster the courage to for time immemorial. But it's an art that must be mastered. One New Jersey man is learning this the hard way, now that he's been charged with insurance fraud and deception after his hilariously bad fake slip and fall attempt was caught on camera. 

Alexander Goldinsky, an independent contractor in New Jersey, is currently facing charges of insurance fraud and deception after his claim of falling and injuring himself on a job site in 2018 was proven to be a lie. Security camera footage revealed that he orchestrated the whole ridiculous incident himself. 

In the video, you can see Goldinsky fill a cup up with ice in the office cafeteria and deliberately toss some cubes onto the ground, setting up a scene in which it would appear as though he slipped on the ice and fell to the ground. Then, he briefly steps away, before walking back and really going for a dramatic "fall" onto his back, while steadying himself against the counter on his way to the ground. He essentially just slowly laid himself down on the floor. There's no audio in the video, but one can presume he cranked the theatrics up to a 10 by letting out a yelp or something.

To add to the high drama of it all, Goldinsky also reportedly waited on the ground until he was discovered by someone else, and later filed a false insurance claim for ambulance service and treatment at a local hospital for injuries he allegedly sustained in the incident, according to a report made by the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office. That didn't quite pan out for him, because instead of receiving any kind of payout, he found himself in quite a pickle when cops showed up and arrested him in mid-January.

So, let this just be a lesson that the slip and fall should only be attempted once perfected. And also, if you're going to get caught on security camera doing it, at least commit to the bit and make it convincing. 

h/t Gothamist

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