This Dude Punched a Kangaroo to Save His Dog

While massive spiders and a host of other things that can kill you are pretty damn Australian, there might not be anything more Australian than a clip that has been circulating the internet since it was posted Saturday.

A man on an unnamed Australian TV show runs into a field where a kangaroo has kidnapped his dog. For real. The kangaroo has captured this man's dog. In order to save the pup, the man has to do battle with the 'roo as though it's the final boss in some weird 90s video game called "Australia, Basically." 

Fortunately for the man and the dog, the man wins after he socks the kangaroo in the face. 

The video was first posted on Facebook in a slightly longer version than the above YouTube clip or versions floating around on Twitter. In it, the narrator sheds a little light on the situation but fails to adequately illuminate what the hell led to this moment.

"The buck roo sees the odds stacking against him and tries to get the dog with its claws one last time,” the narrator says, revealing nothing to everyone plopped into the middle of this episode. “Its powerful arms anchor the dog by the breastplate as Max doubles his efforts to escape. Finally, the 'roo switches his attention to ‘Donks’ and sizes up the human to be his next victim."

While there's little context available about the situation, it's amazing. Don't punch kangaroos, it's mean and you'll probably lose the ensuing bout. But this is amazing.

h/t Sploid

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