This Kitesurfer Crashed Right Into a Humpback Whale and Lived to Post the Video

The date September 20, 1977, will forever live in infamy as the premiere night of a pivotal episode of Happy Days -- "Hollywood, Part 3" -- also known as "the one where the Fonz jumped the shark." The rest is history. "Jumping the shark" became a not-so-polite euphemism for the moment where a television show has exhausted its plausibility and Henry Winkler went on to star in Arrested Development as a (hysterical) sexually deviant lawyer. Life moved on.

So what happens now that an actual person has jumped an actual sea creature that was actually bigger than the Fonz's shark?

I don't know the answer to that. What I do know from this video is that on June 18, 2017, Andrei Grigoriev, 36, seemed to be minding his own business and enjoying a beautiful day on the waves off the coast of Crissy Field Beach, California. The surf was in his face, the wind was at his back, and he and the big kitesurfing sail in front of him were chasing the sunlight. Then all of a sudden comes a giant goddamn humpback whale.

"The whale appeared to hit me twice," Grigoriev wrote in a Facebook post. "First drifted underneath, scaring the hell out of me, then made a turn and in 15 seconds came back on high speed, splashing fountains and rolling. These guys r playing it hard) [sic]"

He claims to not have seen it and to have hit it completely by accident. The video shows him visibly shook. It's a fun artifact and another addition to man's long, storied relationship with the sea.

h/t Mashable

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