Man Meets His Exact Double on an Airplane; It's Kind of like Parent Trap

Published On 10/30/2015 Published On 10/30/2015

I've always considered what I'd do if I were to run into my doppelgänger.  Would I embrace him? Get skittish and try to fight him? Would we become best friends and enjoy days of movie-montage-worthy hijinks? Would we just start making out, for some reason? One thing I certainly wouldn't do is calmly smile and take a photograph.

But when the two dudes in the photo below were presented with this Parent Trap-esque situation, that's exactly what they did. 

It appears that Lee Beattie is patient zero of the photo that has gone viral this AM -- and if we are to believe what she says (and why wouldn't we, she seems very pleasant) one of the men in the picture is the husband of her friend, the questionably named Mary J Rottencrotch. And, according to The Daily Mail, the duo's true identities are Neil Douglas and Robert Stirling -- both Englishmen. And not only were they on the same RyanAir flight, they booked the same hotel in Ireland.

At any rate, we can only assume the two finally figured out that their parents had separated shortly after the twins were born, and did the only logical thing, custody-wise: split the twins up, move to two totally different continents, and never speak of the incident ever again. But at least they are friends now (they shared a pint after the flight, and I'm assuming they exchanged numbers).

Is their any scientific explanation for the incident? Maybe we've reached peak levels of differentiation, and DNA has just become repetitive and we've run out of options and in the future everyone will have at least one person that is an exact copy of themselves and we'll have to fight them to the death to see which twin can live and which one must die.

Or maybe both these guys have beards. It's probably somewhere in between.

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