This Incredibly Nosy Man Cannot Stop Snooping on Other People's Phones

There's definitely a kind of voyeuristic kick that comes with staring at other people's cell phones. You probably want to know if your browsing habits are similar to those of your peers, or if the dude sitting next to you on the train also tweets his banal opinions into the digital ether just like you do. Wanting to catch a glimpse of someone's iPhone screen isn't really quite so shameful, unless of course you take no attempt to hide your relentless snooping, such as this man in New York City. 

Captured by the good samaritan and Twitter user @TropicanaMaia, this nameless man on an NYC subway car could not contain his nosy curiosity, and poked his shameless face into everyone's business. 

Now, the anonymity of living in a major city like New York -- where every experience feels transient -- lends itself to being an extreme nudnik. In any other time, you could seemingly get away with an act like this, but thanks to the internet, there are receipts that live forever. 

Nothing like reading a stranger's text messages! 

The dude even changed positions to get a better look at every neighbor's device. 

He looks somewhat intrigued. 

With such sophisticated means of securing your online privacy today, it feels pretty defeatist knowing anyone can actually break into your phone just by looking over your shoulder. Typically, it's people talking on their phones who make annoying faux pas in public situations, but it's clear now that everyone's devices are now potential victims of an intruding older gentleman on the subway. 

It might be time to switch to a pager. 

[h/t Some Cards]

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