One Man Rode Every Disney Ride in the World in Just 12 Days

That's 216 rides across 12 theme parks across multiple countries and continents.

A man named Nathan Firesheets embarked on an impressive journey on March 8, when he began a quest to complete a "Disney global challenge" of riding every ride at every Disney theme park in just 12 days. He documented the journey on Twitter and YouTube, as he hopped on a total of 216 rides. Firesheets, an engineer from Atlanta, has been planning his extraordinary journey since summer 2022.

The Miami Herald reported that Firesheets marked the success of riding his 216th ride when he finished riding the Astro Orbiter on March 19. "Twelve days ago I set out to ride every operating ride at all 12 Disney Parks around the world. I started with the Orbitron at Disneyland Paris, and tonight I finish with the Astro Orbiter at the Magic Kingdom," Firesheets said in a video he posted.

There was no skimping on details along the way. Firesheets documented the meals he ate, how he navigated airports, flights, hotels, and getting through ride lines on his Twitter account. He even broke down the exact cost of what such an intensive 12-day trip required.

All told, Firesheets spent $4,750 on flights, $3,750 on hotels, $1,100 on park tickets, $825 on local transportation (Taxis, Ubers, etc.), $750 on food and drink, $675 on line skips, and $65 on Wi-Fi. In total, he spent about $12,000, which comes out to about $1,000 a day. Certainly not the cheapest vacation but I can imagine some Disney trips end up being that expensive without ever leaving one park.

By the end of his journey, Firesheets had visited four countries and three continents. He used all sorts of strategies to get through lines and tackle the crowds that would normally keep the average parkgoer from getting through four rides in a day. To see his entire journey and the rest of Firesheets' impressive Disney challenges you can check out his YouTube page.

While I admire his stamina, I know I'd never make it through such a marathon of traveling under any circumstances. While this was no 3,995-day journey of daily trips to Disneyland, it remains seriously awe-worthy.

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