A Man Sat For 17-Hours on a Flight Without Getting Up and We're Squirming


An extremely sedentary man who didn't get up once during a 17-hour flight is baffling researchers. The flight in question, a Qantas Airlines long-haul trip from Perth Australia to London, is one of the world's longest. But the man, who enjoyed the comforts of business class, managed to confine himself to his seat for the duration, not even getting up to stretch or use the toilet. 

The man's ascetic discipline was discovered by researchers from the University of Sydney, who teamed up with Qantas to measure passenger's anxiety levels and movement on the long-haul flights. Volunteer passengers wear monitors on their wrists to measure their "mental state, anxiety levels, sleep patterns, and recovery from jet lag," according to a report from The Independent

But the unnamed man, according to researchers, didn't so much as lift his rear from the leather chair. His bladder, presumably engorged like a balloon on the verge of splatter, remained undrained for the flight's duration. “The one thing we couldn't believe was how little [he] moved. One subject took zero steps,” Professor Stephen Simpson from the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney told reporters. 

It's unclear how much the man ate or drank on the flight, and the only certainty is that he maintains an enviable amount of self-control. It's also clear that this is the guy you'd want to share a row with, as opposed to someone with such an extreme case of body odor that emergency landings become necessary. 

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