Man Strips Naked, Goes Swimming in Aquarium's Shark Tank for Some Reason

It's normal to feel a sense of awe wash over you when you're watching a majestic animal up close. It's what drives people to go on safari, or to the zoo, or to swim with dolphins. But for one man, that excitement may have gotten the best of him on a recent visit to an aquarium, when he decided to strip completely naked, jump into a shark tank, and go for a swim -- all in plain view of the bewildered crowd at the exhibit.

The puzzling incident went down last Friday night at the Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto, Canada, when the suspected skinny dipper -- later identified as 37-year-old David Weaver -- jumped into one of its shark-filled tanks, according to a report by CTV News. The bizarre scene unfolded during the aquarium's very popular "jazz night," which meant there were plenty of people around to witness the spectacle, several of whom managed to capture the antics on camera. 

As you can see in several videos that have since circulated on social media (including one above), you can see the man frolicking in the water in his birthday suit, and even climb onto one of the tank's ledges to attempt a back flip into the water as the crowd giggles and cheers. Miraculously, neither the man nor the sharks were injured, though the same can't be said for the eyes of the innocent onlookers. Even more impressive, he was reportedly able to hop out of the water and flee the scene before the cops could apprehend him, though he only managed to grab his pants and shoes on the way out (he left most of his clothes behind), per the report.

It goes without saying that swimming with domesticated sharks on a whim while fully nude isn't a wise move.

“This was incredibly dangerous. He jumped into an exhibit with live animals. Whether it’s a dog or a shark you don’t know how an animal will behave when spooked" said Peter Doyle, the aquarium's general manager, in an interview with CTV News. “It was incredibly ignorant. The welfare of our animals is paramount. This was a premeditated intentional act.”

Police said Weaver is wanted for "mischief" at the aquarium as well as an assault incident he was allegedly involved in earlier that night at a nearby Medieval Times restaurant. 

Of course, his nude swim was a stupid move, but at least he didn't nearly lose an important appendage by ignoring the rules.

h/tCTV News

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