This Dude Smashed 124 Coconuts with His Bare Hands in Less Than a Minute

Published On 02/22/2017 Published On 02/22/2017

Whether you enjoy eating coconuts or not, you have to admit that the often delicate process of actually opening and slicing one of the damn things can be a bit of a pain in the ass. That is, unless you're Abeesh Domanic, who recently smashed open 124 coconuts with only his bare hands in less than a minute. 

Judging by video of the knuckle-busting stunt (shown above), it was pretty damn painful. But worth it, apparently. The 25-year-old man, of Poonjar, India, appears to have set a new world record with the feat, although it has yet to be certified by Guinness World Records, according to a report by The Huffington Post. The current, official record was set by Muhamed Kahrimanovic of Germany, who crushed 118 coconuts with his hands back in 2011. That's a lot of coconuts, or dare we say a bunch of coconuts. 

Let's hope he celebrated with an ice pack for his hand and a shitload of fresh piƱa coladas. 

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and his hands hurt just watching this. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.



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