Man Swallows His AirPod, Discovers It Still Works After Coming Out the Other End

Apple AirPod wearers live with the fact that one of their pricey earphones could accidentally pop out and get lost at any time...


Apple AirPod wearers live with the fact that one of their pricey earphones could accidentally pop out and get lost at any time. Swallowing one, on the other hand, feels like less of a concern. However, rest assured that if you do end up somehow ingesting yours, it may come out on the other end working just fine based on the recent experience of one unlucky dude in Taiwan. 

After passing out with his AirPods in his ears, a Taiwanese man named Ben Hsu woke up and realized one was missing. He tried to track it down somewhere in his bedroom using his iPhone, only to discover that the sound was coming from his stomach, according to a report by The Daily Mail. That's when he freaked out and went to the hospital, where the doctors confirmed he had indeed swallowed his precious audio accessory. They told him that it was currently passing through his digestive system and he would need surgery to remove it if it didn't come out... naturally. They gave him a laxative and tasked him with inspecting his waste in hopes that it would show up.

Luckily (or unluckily, depending how you look at it), Hsu relieved himself the next day, but he did so at a railway station -- hardly the place you'd want to have to carefully inspect anything, let alone your own poop. Still, that's what he did, and soon found his "missing" AirPod. 

Hsu thoroughly washed the device and let it dry, only to discover that it was in fine working condition. He also took a selfie with it before he cleaned it, if that's something you'd care to see (we don't recommend it!). 

"The battery was still at 41 percent!" he said, per the report. "It was incredible." Hsu isn't letting the little mishap stop him from using the pods, either, which is both a testament to the integrity of the hardware, and straight-up disgusting. 

Of course, just because Hsu made it through this whole ordeal unharmed, gulping down an AirPod is obviously ill-advised. Not only because it could get stuck, but also because they contain a lithium ion battery, which, when exposed, has the potential to rupture your intestines.

So, for iPhone users out there looking for a good reason to stick with your wired headphones, consider this it. 

h/tThe Daily Mail

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