Genius Smart Ass Changes His Name For Every Uber Ride And It's Too Damn Funny

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There are a host of things you can do in an Uber that are both undeniably wrong and burdensome for your driver. Changing your name on the app to "Dequan Smallpox Randolph," or "Store Bought Eggplant Skin," or "The Spanish Conquest of the Aztec Empire," doesn't qualify as a breach of the Uber passenger code.

Kavi O'Connor is a student at Northwestern University, according to his Instagram, and an apparent abuser of nomes de plume on his Uber app. In a video the young man uploaded to YouTube earlier this week, O'Connor takes us through a montage of nominal shape-shifting, as he uses a new alias every time he enters a ride. In every shot, he sticks to a routine script, asking the unwitting driver if he's in the right car, albeit with a name seemingly dreamt up by Tim and Eric.

"Is this car for Horatio Voluptuousness Squared?" he asks one man behind the wheel. "Is this car for Crack my Coconut and Call me Crampus?" he asks another. "Is this car for My Mixed Berry Yogurt's Gut Bacteria is Well Cultured?"

Yes, they are all his cars.

Someone caught on to the brilliant scheme and posted O'Connor's video to Reddit. A multitude of fans have swarmed the comment section, lauding his efforts to masquerade as a person named "Bill Of Rights" and "Genetically Speaking I'm Identical to a Bottle-Nosed Dolphin."

It's worth noting that not all drivers appreciate their invariable place as the human punchline in O'Connor's gag, which is completely understandable.

We've requested O'Connor for an Instagram follow, because the urge to ask him about the genesis of names like "Johnathan Jacob Jingly Smith" and "I'm An Oversized Helium Balloon Waiting To Be Popped the 56th" is completely overwhelming.


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