These Guys Dress As Mannequins And Scare The Hell Out of People

Mannequins have always been meant for so much more than modeling clothes at your local Zara. On the streets of Beirut, Lebanon, they're used as fodder to scare the daylights out of unwitting passerby on an otherwise regular afternoon in the city. It helps, especially, when the mannequins are really men wearing mannequin suits, masquerading as innocuous dummies, who then interrupt the flow of pedestrian traffic in a savage prank. 

This is more or less the vocation of HowAboutBeirut, a YouTube channel dedicated to, as its description reads, "Basically f*cking with people on the streets of Beirut." Beirut residents haven't wised up to the seemingly bewitched mannequins lurking outside of a nondescript clothing store. They've clearly been at this for a long time, and apparently dabbing qualifies as a frightening act if a man in a mannequin suit does it: 

Oh, but wait, there's more: 

And more: 

Even though Halloween is over, it's probably never too late to buy a mannequin costume and scare the crap out of everyone in your neighborhood. 

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