This Map Shows the Most Used Word on Every Country's Wikipedia Page

Map of most used wikipedia terms
Reddit User Amiantedeluxe

On Reddit, user Amiantedeluxe has gone through the Wikipedia pages for countries around the world to create a map showing the most used word on each country's Wikipedia entry. It's the kind of thing that can send you down a rabbit hole where you lose way too much time digging around. 

Efforts were made to make the information relevant. The map excludes words like "the," "government," and "country" to find more substantive terms. It's worth noting Wikipedia pages can be edited by anyone. That means there's often marketing and otherforces at play. Also, pages often go on tangents, ignoring arguably more important history. Thus, it's safe to say there's little scientific about the "study."

Nonetheless, this is an interesting look at events that shaped the world. 

Many nations focus on leadership with terms like "king" and "dynasty" cropping up most frequently. Geography looms large with "island" coming up for loads of island nations. Throughout much of the world, terms highlight conflict. North Korea's most common word is "South" and South Korea's most common word is "North." Meanwhile, "World" is seen across Europe, no doubt due to the prevalence of World War I and World War II. 

Take a look at the full map above and zoom in on details here

h/t Indy 100

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