"Fuck" or "Shit"? What's Your State's Favorite Curse Word?

Courtesy of Jack Grieve

If there’s one thing that unites Americans, it’s a love of swearing. However, this cuss-loving country is divided when it comes to expletive of choice. Some people are "fuck" people, while others are "shit" people, according to new maps showing a nationwide view (minus Hawaii and Alaska) of where people use common swear words most. 

“Fuck,” for example, is big in coastal regions and major cities, but not so much in the nation’s interior. Another map reveals Midwesterners -- fitting the stereotype -- are too damn nice, using the term “darn" more than anybody else.

Jack Grieve, a Forensic Linguistics professor at Aston University in England, created the maps based on the relative frequencies of swear words in each county based on nearly a billion tweets collected from October 2013 to Nov 2014. You can read more about his methods here, and check out the maps below.

Courtesy of Jack Grieve


They say the West Coast is the Best Coast... it looks like much of the East Coast and the Gulf Coast is one big Shit Coast, on the other hand.

Courtesy of Jack Grieve


Welp, we spoke too soon. The massive Shit Coast appears to be the Bitch Coast, too. Although, it looks like Chicagoans and folks in the San Francisco Bay Area also tend to drop the b-word. The rest of the country? Bitch, please.


The Deep South doesn't have a thing for "asshole," and that's perfectly respectable. However, New England, the Upper Midwest, and much of the West Coast feel assholes are like opinions: everybody says them out loud.

Courtesy of Jack Grieve


You'd think that "fuck" would be a more universal term, but apparently, the interior of the US just doesn't love the F-bomb the same way the coasts do. Though that doesn't really explain WTF is going on in the Dakotas.

Courtesy of Jack Grieve


Southerners say "damn" as much as they damn well please. And it looks like New Englanders are too busy saying "fuck" to give a damn.

Courtesy of Jack Grieve


The widespread use of a watered-down version of "damn" is baffling in 2015. Perhaps it's most often in the context of, "Looks like I'm still stuck in the Midwest. Darn."

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