Billy Eichner's Margot Robbie Obstacle Course Is Weird and Hilarious

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Yelly Billy Eichner's Billy On The Street is great at making you laugh in the same way that the "Kirsten Schaal is a Horse" sketch makes you laugh. It's funny and goes on long enough that the sheen wears off. But it persists until it's funny again.

Eichner's "Escape Margot Robbie's Moment" obstacle course is a weird and weirdly smart bit of absurdist late-night theater. Eichner brings in SNL alum and worldwide cameo champion Rachel Dratch to run through the obstacle course like it's Double Dare.

The course runs through Robbie's breakout year. Starting from The Wolf Of Wall Street ("Climb through Martin Scorsese's bushy eyebrows... before [he] makes you watch yet another documentary about The Rolling Stones!") it runs through all her late-night appearances, the "inevitable" Lip Sync Battle appearance, telling financial truths in a bathtub a la The Big Short, and swinging on a rope like Tarzan (the movie starring Alexander Skarsgard's abs).

It's a strangely comprehensive look for a five-minute obstacle course (even if it passes over the dreadful Suicide Squad and her turn on SNL). Dratch is a capable competitor, but the star of the scene is and will always be Eichner's constant yelling.

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