Funny, Powerful, and Clever Poster Ideas for the Science March This Weekend


It's been a year since scientists and their supporters gathered all over the world to March for Science, advocating for change and to demand public officials embrace evidence-based policy. The rallies drew some impressive crowds, and further proved just how many people aren't content to sit idly by while the government actively pushes back against proven research. The events around the globe were also such a success that they're happening again this year.

On Saturday, April 14, thousands of people are expected to descend upon Washington, DC for the national March for Science, while some 230 other satellite events around the world are also scheduled to take place, with particularly big rallies planned in places like New York City and Los Angeles. And while you may feel compelled to turn out to show your support and add your voice to the mix, it's always a bit tough to figure out how best to get a message across in a sea of signs and chants.

So, to help anyone planning to attend come up with a memorable poster, we've pulled together some ideas to hopefully serve as inspiration.


Funny and Clever March for Science Poster Ideas

Even if its anger and frustration that's compelling you to show up at an March for Science event this weekend, sometimes the best way to have your message heard is to deliver it with humor, or at least some witty puns. With that in mind, here are some quippy ideas to consider scrawling on your sign.
  • "Got the plague? Me neither. Thanks science!"
  • "Society should worry when geeks have to demonstrate!"
  • "What do we want? Science based policy. When do we want it? After peer review."
  • "Knowing stuff is good. Seriously, why do I even have to march for this geez."
  • "Science gives me a hadron."
  • "So bad, even introverts are here."
  • "Make reality great again."
  • "Science: it’s like magic, but REAL."
  • "Without science, there is no beer. Thanks, science!"
  • "Let them eat π."
  • "The same people who think climate change isn’t real think wrestling is."
  • "Chemistry made Trump’s spray tan."
  • "No science? No internet porn!"
  • "At the start of every disaster movie, there a scientist being ignored."
  • "Without science, Trump couldn’t get it up."
  • "Grab ‘em by the data."
  • "Hail Sagan!"
  • "Science... it works, b*tches."
  • "Do you even science, bro?"


Powerful March for Science Poster Ideas

If you'd prefer to be more earnest and forceful with the message you get across, there are plenty of powerful ways to vent your frustration and worry over the state of science-based policy at the moment. For those looking to deliver a more forceful statement, here are some ideas worth considering.
  • "The oceans are rising and so are we."
  • "Act now or swim later."
  • "Less invasions, more equations."
  • "2+2=4"
  • "Ice has no agenda, it just melts."
  • "I’m not a mad scientist, I’m absolutely furious."
  • "Without science, it’s all fiction."
  • "Evidence trumps opinion."
  • "Science solves mysteries."
  • "Science is what made America great in the first place."
  • "Science has no borders."
  • "Stop denying the Earth is dying."
  • "Science not silence."
  • "There is no planet B."
  • "The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it."


March for Science Poster Ideas for Kids

Oftentimes the most spirited people at mass demonstrations like the March for Science are the youngest ones. They also get some of the most attention from passersby, so if you're planning to bring some youngins' along this weekend, here are some solid kid-friendly poster and sign ideas.
  • "Remember polio? Neither do I. Thanks, Science!"
  • "Future scientist."
  • "Think like a proton. Stay positive."
  • "The future is ours, but we have to planet."
  • "Science is cool. I learned it in school."
  • "My mommy is a scientist."
  • "Forget princess, I want to be a scientist."
  • "Scientist in training."
  • "Climate change affects us all."
  • "I love all the animals your policies will make extinct."
  • "I miss my younger days back when atmospheric [CO2] < 400ppm."
  • "Building with Legos today. Nanotechnology tomorrow!"

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