Facebook Claims Mark Zuckerberg Didn't Use a Booster Seat for Congressional Grilling

For the last two days, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been answering questions from Congress about Facebook's mishandling of private user information in light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal that affected 87 million users. It's been a doozy, with an avalanche of Zuckerberg memes and very good jokes flooding the internet as the public learns about this very grim and dystopian issue that we're all probably powerless to overcome. 

One fascinating insight has stuck out among all the clutter of memes and jokes, and surprisingly, it's Zuckerberg's chair.

The Facebook chief, who stands at 5' 7", sat on a cushion during both days of the proceedings, ostensibly so he can be seen as a bigger version of himself and not like a tween wearing a suit. This naturally blew up all over Twitter, forcing Facebook to clarify that, no, Zuckerberg didn't request a "booster seat" to make him appear taller as he's grilled by a room full of congressional dinosaurs.  

In a statement to the New York Post, Facebook wrote that it was "the committee’s standard practice" to offer a cushion to whoever is in the hot seat. Zuckerberg merely obliged the offer, because he likes cushions. 

While Facebook provided quick comment, that's not likely to be enough to stop the rampant speculation and, you know, all the memes: 

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