M&M Characters Are Getting a Makeover to Be Less Sexy & More Relatable

The candy company is making major changes to its famous mascots.

Courtesy of M&M

Society is constantly changing, progressing, or evolving in some way. Sometimes, this growth is objectively good: Breakthroughs in technology and medicine, new foods, or easier and safer ways to live. Other times, it's just a little odd.

Mars, the candy company that produces M&M's, announced today that its iconic cartoon characters would be getting major makeovers to better fit into a "more dynamic, progressive world." The redesign will feature changes that better reflect "personalities, rather than their gender."

The green M&M, which thus far has worn high-heeled go-go boots, will now wear "cool, laid-back sneakers to reflect her effortless confidence." Some people have criticized the green M&M's sexualized character in the past, so Mars wants to make changes to be more inclusive of the cartoon's personality. Now, Mars said the green M&M will be "better represented to reflect confidence and empowerment, as a strong female, and known for much more than her boots."

Why she can't wear go-go boots and feel empowered is unclear.

Further dismantling the patriarchal stereotypes apparently placed upon the candy cartoons, the brown M&M will have a friendlier, less oppositional relationship with the green M&M. Mars described the relationship as "throwing shine and not shade." And, as not to make the brown M&M feel excluded, the cartoon's heels will be lowered to what Mars considers to be a more "professional" height. Mars is putting a lot of significance on the girls' shoe choices.

And finally, in a bid to be more relatable, the orange M&M will reportedly embrace his anxious personality. This will be represented by newly tied shoelaces, meant to demonstrate caution. (If you consider the fact that the cartoons are wearing no other clothing, it makes sense that the shoes are left to tell their stories.) Mars believes that Gen-Z is the most anxious generation and that it will thus identify with this cartoon character in particular.

The red M&M will be kinder to his fellow candies. Ultimately, Mars hopes these changes will translate into showing "the power of community."