Mars and the Moon Will Come Together in the Sky Friday Night. Here's How to See It.

Mars and the moon are about to have a close encounter.

MArs moon conjuction october 2020
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Mars has been very easy to spot in recent weeks. It's shining bright -- brighter in October than it will again for almost 15 years -- in the eastern sky after sunset, and it stays up until the sun comes back for its next shift. 

However, on the night of October 2, the red planet is going to put on a special show. Not like that puppet show you did for your parents when you were six. Nothing is that beautiful. Still, this is going to be a beautiful sight. The moon and Mars will have a conjunction and will hang out close together on the night of October 2 into the morning of October 3. 

The waning gibbous moon and Mars will be in close proximity almost instantly after sunset with Mars appearing in the sky around an hour after daylight fades. In the Sky notes that the conjunction will take place at 11:35pm EST with the two objects' closest approach happening right around midnight. 

Where to look will depend on the time of night you're heading out. Mars will rise in the east and will be pretty high up when it's first visible. It'll continue to move westward throughout the night, reaching its highest point around 2am when it'll sit in the southern sky.

If you happen to be looking for Mars from South America, you'll have the opportunity to see an occultation. Mars will pass behind the moon for a bit. Unfortunately, that won't be visible from the US. Nonetheless, you're going to get a great view from the US. 

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