Martha Stewart Joins Snoop Dogg, Releases Her Own 19 Crimes Wine

She calls it an "approachable" chardonnay.

Courtesy of 19 Crimes

Martha Stewart is an entertainer, creator, writer, chef, alleged three-time survivor of lightning strikes, and businesswoman, and now she's adding another line to her resume: winemaker. Stewart is following in the footsteps of her friend and business partner Snoop Dogg by partnering with 19 Crimes to produce her very own boozy beverage.

19 Crimes Martha’s Chard is available nationally, and you can get yourself a bottle for around $11.99. It will be the label's first California Chardonnay, and promises to be more "approachable" than other chardonnays you've had in the past.

"I am thrilled to announce the launch of Martha's Chard in partnership with 19 Crimes," said Martha Stewart in a press release. "The world didn't need just another chardonnay, so I created one that is clean, crisp, and flavorful without being too heavy or oaky. It pairs perfectly with my delicious recipes or can be enjoyed on its own. I hope you love it as much as I do!"

Courtesy of 19 Crimes

If 19 Crimes sounds like a familiar brand, it might be because Snoop Dogg also partnered with the company for his own Cali Red and Cali Rosé. On Instagram, Stewart predicted that her chard "will be your favorite wine." The final selling point for this wine? The cork has Martha Stewart’s face on it, making it perfect for your next arts and craft night.

Pick up your own bottle at a store near you.

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