This Boy Randomly Yodeling in Walmart Is Lighting the Internet on Fire

In this life, there are only a few truly pure things: the Grand Canyon, the joys of parenthood, and this viral video of a 10-year-old boy yodeling in Walmart.

Even a place as utterly impure as Twitter knows to treasure those things when they appear, and the tweet that introduced the world to this young yodeller now has over 50,000 retweets and has spawned some of the greatest memes of the last 24 hours. As you behold his melodic glory below, you'll see why: the steadily tapping boot, the gargantuan shining belt buckle, the bowtie, the hair, the silent grandmotherly figure watching over the boy with the voice of a country cherub. And, naturally, it's all happening at Walmart. 

The recital happened on March 24 at a Walmart in Harrisburg, Illinois, but this isn't 10-year-old Mason Ramsey's first yodel-rodeo. He's actually been spotted singing in Walmart before, and after one of these spontaneous concerts he was invited to sing on local radio station Beaver 100.3 FM.

You can watch a longer version of the video here, in which he sings more of "Lovesick Blues," (the song in the tweet) and "Jambalaya (On The Bayou)." Both of these are classics by Hank Williams Sr., but we could easily see Mason Ramsey eclipsing Hank in the next couple years.

And in a true testament to young Mason's talents, he's become probably the most memed yodeller in history, as you can see below:

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