This Monster Fish Has No Problem Capsizing a Boat

This expedition proves that fishing isn't always as boring as you assume it is. Occasionally, it's total chaos. 

Ben Chancey and Jon Black were looking to catch a giant goliath grouper in a canoe off the east coast of Florida. They did manage to hook the monster. "Oh my god, that's a thousand-pounder!" one says as the grouper first comes into view. Shortly afterward, the "thousand-pounder" easily flips the duo's canoe. Thankfully, they had friends in a boat nearby to offer help.

To make the situation more chaotic, the man holding the camera alleges there are sharks in the water. (Though, they are never seen by the camera.)

The duo swims to the motorized boat, and somehow Chancey manages to keep control of his pole. He continues reeling the grouper in from the second boat.

But no one seems to care about Jon. He's been abandoned. What about Jon, everyone? Why is no one helping Jon!? Didn't you just say there are sharks in the water?

In the end, Chancey manages to reel the massive grouper in and get a good shot of it in the water. Watch the entire ordeal above. 

h/t Mashable

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