Watch This Massive Wire Spool Barrel Down a Highway

Want to see something terrifying? OK. Here’s a an industrial sized wire spool barreling down a highway in a rainstorm:

According to the CBS affiliate KDKA, the oversized death-wheel wire spool fell off a truck near the community of Uniontown, Pennsylvania. It then found gravity in its favor, rolling down a large stretch of the Route 40 highway. The rogue spool then slammed into the center-divider, providing the kind of climax you’d want from such a harrowing episode.

Needless to say, drivers were flummoxed to see that thing rampaging down the highway at 20 mph. The man who captured the video, David Cole, said: “Not in all my traveling, I’ve never seen nothing like that. Seen quite a few accidents, but nothing quite like that.” He added: “[The spool] was probably eight to 10 feet across, and I’d say, just guessing, a couple thousand pounds. Pretty good size roll of wire.”

Cole’s statement seems to suggest that this event was quite uncommon.

No one was hurt in the incident, so now the wire spool can live on in perpetuity as a meme, or some overwrought metaphor for life that the internet can beat into the ground. 

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