Olympian Matt Hamilton’s Mustache Has Inspired a ‘Militia’

men's curling meme matt hamilton
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Everyone except for Kirstie Alley is getting into curling. Even Mr. T can't resist the non-stop flood of curling the 2018 Winter Olympics is offering.

Curling fever is sweeping the US to the extent that people are changing their facial hair to support skip John Schuster's curling squad. People are donning mustaches with no sense of irony. (Eh? Irony... curling irons... no, the other curling... because some people used to use irons instead of... never mind.) 

The raison d'moustache is curler Matt Hamilton, who is the guy behind the mustache the won the admiration of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and made the curler look a little like Mario. Of course, the mustache has its own Twitter account as well.

Hamilton's cookie duster inspired 2010 Olympic curler and former Hamilton teammate Chris Plys to implore fans to shave a mustache for Team USA. The members of the Hamilton Mustache Militia, as Plys is calling it, are many and growing (mustaches).

Mustache fans in the US are going to have to get up early if they want to put their facial hair to work. After starting the round robin portion of the Olympics 2-4, the US team won three straight and now has a chance to medal. The US plays Team Canada in a curling semifinal Thursday morning at 6:10am EST. The winning team will head to the gold medal game.

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