This Guy Drank a Giant, 1.5-Gallon Root Beer Float In Just 5 Minutes

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Root beer floats, the creamy and carbonated combos of root beer and vanilla ice cream, traditionally come in just one size: big-ass mug. And while that might be enough of the decadent drinkable dessert for you, competitive eater Matt Stonie recently took it to an insane new level by making a 1.5-gallon root beer float. Then he drank the whole thing, of course. 

Watch as the YouTube star/eating machine builds the massive float by combining 20 scoops of vanilla ice cream and at least a whole two-liter of root beer in a vase that's literally about the size of a toddler. Then, using an appropriately large straw and, at times, a big spoon, Stonie basically inhales the entire thing in just five minutes and two seconds. The feat leaves him appearing slightly dazed, but in true Matt Stonie fashion, he looks into the camera and says, "Oh, that was delicious." All said, the creamy concoction totaled more than 4,000 calories. Damn...

Considering recent insane eating challenges in which he pounded 34 Hot Pockets, 10 McDonald's Quarter Pounders, and five burgers from Five Guys (in just five minutes), it's really no surprise the dude needed an equally monstrous dessert. 

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and can't remember the last time he had a root beer float. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.