This Guy Ate 4 In-N-Out 4x4 Cheeseburgers in Just 3 Minutes

Competitive burger smasher and YouTuber Matt Stonie does not look like a guy who can wolf down copious amounts of beef and cheese faster than most people take a shower. To the contrary, Stonie is in fact one of the internet’s preeminent eaters, having set the world record for eating the most marshmallow peeps in under five minutes, and regularly gorging on glutinous heaps of shaved ice and full English breakfasts. When it comes to gastric intake, he’s a force to be reckoned with, even if he looks like an unassuming high school kid (he’s 25).

For his latest stunt, Stonie, who goes by the nickname “Megatoad,” punishes four In-N-Out 4x4s and a Diet Coke in under three minutes. For the uninitiated, these are quadruple cheeseburgers, drenched in sauce and topped with the usual fixings. For most people, finishing one of these things would pose a grave challenge and the sudden onset of a slovenly food-coma. The burger is basically a fortress of ground beef, presenting four layers of difficulty for your teeth and jaw muscles.

Not for Stonie. He chomps through the messy meal and even has time to remark upon the taste, almost segueing into an accidental food critic at times. “If this wasn’t for a video, I totally would have gotten Animal Style,” he says. There’s a look of supreme concentration spread on his face that appears to give him that special juju as he finishes burger number three right before the two-minute mark.

Stonie wraps it up with a bit of post-game analysis, remarking on the buns giving him a difficult time and some cheese he got caught in his teeth. Whatever the obstacles here, it seems like nothing can escape the clutches of Matt Stonie’s stomach, which might as well be made of elastic.

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Sam Blum is a News Staff Writer for Thrillist. He's also a martial arts and music nerd who appreciates a fine sandwich and cute dogs. Find his clips in The Guardian, Rolling Stone, The A.V. Club and Esquire. He's on Twitter @Blumnessmonster.