This Guy Ate 5 Cheeseburgers from Five Guys in Under 5 Minutes

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As evidenced by his world record-setting inhalation of 25 Big Macs and that time when he ate 10 McDonald's Quarter Pounders in less than 8 minutes, you can count on competitive eater Matt Stonie to take on a monstrous pile of cheeseburgers and win. In his latest video on YouTube, Stonie takes on the "Five Guys 5 Burger Challenge," and well, let's just say he doesn't disappoint. 

Watch as the famed eating machine, who recently shared a video in which he pounds 113 pancakes in eight minutes, easily slams five Five Guys cheeseburgers -- loaded with two patties and all of the toppings, mind you -- in well under five minutes. By attacking each burger with a series of rapid-fire big bites, he manages to not only complete the challenge in just two minutes and 55 seconds, but also make it look like a simple afternoon snack in the process. He then proceeds to polish off a large Diet Coke for good measure. 

At 840 calories each, the five fully loaded burgers add up to a whopping 4,200 calories. In other words, he ate more calories in under three minutes than you might eat in an entire day. Damn. 

Despite the greasy triumph against the pile of burgers, Stonie seems only moderately happy with his insane time at the end of the video, but that's nothing an order of the chain's Cajun Style fries can't fix. 

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and is lucky if he can finish just ONE Five Guys burger sometimes. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.