Matthew McConaughey Reads Hilarious Scripts Written by Kids on 'Fallon'

What does he like about scripts written by nine-year-olds? He gets older; they stay the same age. 

Actor and bourbon spokesman Matthew McConaughey stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday to promote his upcoming film Gold and unavoidably play a game. While Fallon's scripted scenes generally feel like they could have been written by a nine-year-old (compliment), they aren't actually. But to showcase McConaughey's acting chops, Tuesday's game feature the pair acting out theatrical scenes written by real nine-year-olds.  

You might not have heard of these scripts before this very moment, but by the end of this video you will be writing in "Matthew McConaughey as Quacky in Quacky & Elliott" on your Oscar ballot. No mere improvisational comedian would have been able to dig deep enough into the character to discover that elbow twitch. That's real. That's real powerful stuff. 

Anyone who can really portray scene directions as dialogue in this way deserves an award. Probably in the shape of a Lincoln pulling an Airstream. Watch McConaughey act out some serious writing by kids as Fallon laughs in the video above. 

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