McDonald's Buy-One-Get-One Deal Gets You $1 Quarter Pounders, Big Macs & More

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Courtesy of McDonald's

Sure, you can opt for a classic Big Mac, but there's nothing quite like McDonald's Quarter Pounders with Cheese, which are now officially made with fresh beef. The char on the steak, the melty American cheese, and the tangy pickle chips make for one of the best burgers you can currently buy at Mickey Dees. And now's a great time to try one: McDonald's is running a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deal, where you can score the chain's best sandwiches for a buck.

The BOGO deal includes Big Macs, Filet-O-Fish, McNuggets, and -- you guessed it -- Quarter Pounders with Cheese. Buy one of these sandwiches and McDonald's will toss in a second one of your choice for only a dollar. That means you can have chicken nuggets and a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish and a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, or simply double up on whatever your favorite is. Personally? I'd have an appetizer of 10-piece McNuggets before tearing into a beefy Quarter Pounder with Cheese. 

The promotion is available now at locations across the country, though McDonald's hasn't said how long it will last. So, if you're craving some McDonald's classics, now is a damn good time to order all your favorites and save. Hell, you might as well get all four items and have yourself a mini McDonald's spread. Just don't forget to add the new Snickerdoodle McFlurry to really make it a five-course feast.

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