Happy New Year, McDonald's Just Brought Back Its 2-for-$5 Mix & Match Deal

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Santa Clause was coming to town, but he had to stop at the McDonald's corporate office to make the deal he knew you wanted this holiday season. He was aware that you hoped for the return of McDonald's popular 2 for $5 Mix & Match Deal for Christmas, but there was a long wait at the office, and the secretary told him to go back to the mall. But Santa Baby persisted because he loves you, and now it's official. 

As of Monday, you can now choose two iconic McDonald's items and pay five bucks to inhale them. Think: A Big Mac and a 10-piece McNugget for about the price of a bougie granola bar. Other qualifying items include the Filet-O-Fish and the Quarter Pounder with Cheese. That's about it, but then again, do you need anything else?

It's the New Year's gift you needed to be honest with yourself about the resolutions you can actually commit too. Dieting? Unsustainable. Smart saving? Sustainable for at least a month. Feel bad about the one, feel slightly less bad about the other. Or something like that.

The deal is available for a limited time at participating locations, according to the company. You can also find some deals and steals on the McDonald's app, available for iOS and Android, or send a letter to the North Pole for next year. 

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Ruby Anderson is a news writer for Thrillist.