Whoa, McDonald's Is Making New Plant-Based 'Meat' Burgers

Plant-based "meats" are everywhere. Looking for a breakfast sandwich that doesn't contain meat, but does have something that replicates sausage? Turn to Dunkin' Donuts. Want something that tastes just like a Whopper but is vegetarian-friendly? Burger King's Impossible Whopper is here for you. Even KFC has experimented with plant-based chicken, testing the vegetarian drumsticks. 

So it's only fitting that McDonald's, the largest fast food chain in the world, is also dipping its toes into the plant-based meat game. McDonald's is teaming up with Beyond Meat -- which also works with Del Taco, Dunkin' Donuts, and Subway -- to test-launch what the companies are calling the P.L.T., which stands for "Plant. Lettuce. Tomato." 

"McDonald's has a proud legacy of fun, delicious and craveable food -- and now, we're extending that to a test of a juicy, plant-based burger," Ann Wahlgren, McDonald's vice president of global menu strategy, explained in a press release. "We've been working on our recipe and now we're ready to hear feedback from our customers."  

mcdonald's beyond meat plant-based plt
Courtesy of McDonald's

The P.L.T. is composed of a Beyond Meat patty that's been exclusively developed by McDonald's to capture the taste of McDonald's burgers. There is also cheese, lettuce, tomato, raw onion, and the burger is dressed in ketchup, mustard, and mayo atop a plushy sesame seed bun. The test will be held for 12 weeks in 28 McDonald's locations across Ontario, Canada.

When reached by Thrillist, a McDonald's spokesperson didn't confirm or deny plans to launch the plant-based burger in the United Status, but said, "[the] test allows us to learn more about real-world implications, including customer demand, customer experience, the restaurant logistics of cooking and serving this product to guests, the supply chain logistics of making this product available, and other important information that may inform future decisions."

Additionally, Wahlgren affirmed this in a press release, stating that "during this test, we're excited to hear what customers love about the P.L.T. to help our global markets better understand what's best for their customers."

Plant-based meats are taking over and allowing consumers to reduce their reliance on meat; it continues to be a more sustainable option that benefits animal welfare and environmental preservation. It's only a matter of time before we see the global effects of plant-based patties making their way internationally through McDonald's. 

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Kat Thompson is a staff writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @katthompsonn