McDonald's Is Giving Away an 18K Gold 'Bling Mac' Ring Worth Over $12,500

Courtesy of McDonald's

We can all agree that things shaped like hamburgers are inherently in good taste. Consider hamburger phones, and actual hamburgers. In this high tradition, McDonald's is giving you the rare opportunity to flaunt a burger ring stuffed to the sesame seeds with diamonds and other precious gems, so pay attention and don't blow this.

To celebrate Valentine's Day and the Big Mac's 50th anniversary, McDonald's is holding a competition for the one ring to rule all the other hamburger-shaped rings. All you have to do is tweet @McDonalds with the funniest and most creative wedding vows that profess your love for one of the three sizes of Big Mac (Grand Big Mac, Big Mac, and Mac Jr.).

The winner will get a ring made of 18-karat gold that's valued at $12,500 and features seven stackable tiers of diamonds and gems in an extremely tiny and shiny replica of a Big Mac. It was designed by Nadine Ghosn and is sure to make a statement that literally no other ring makes. Plus, its special sauce is made of orange sapphires. 

The contest runs between February 7 and February 14 and will be judged upon the following criteria according to the official terms and conditions: "(i) creativity – 40%; (ii) love and affinity for the Big Mac® sandwich – 30%; and (iii) humor (how witty and comedic is the Entry) – 30%."

So, get down to crafting a tweet that's exactly 40% creative, 30% amorous, and 30% funny, and the ring may very well be yours. Just don't let all of that power get to your head

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