How McNuggets Are Made Doesn't Actually Involve That Gross Pink Slime

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At this point, most people have heard of the infamous "pink slime" many fast food items, including McDonald's Chicken McNuggets, are allegedly made from. Despite the fact that at the time the "pink slime" video circulated there was plenty of evidence that McDonald's wasn't doing that, it became a "fact" that was well known by many.

In a McDonald's-sponsored video, the How It's Made YouTube channel went behind the scenes with Mythbusters' Grant Imahara to take a look at how Chicken McNuggets are actually made. The result is surprisingly not as gross as you might guess. To be fair, if you're a vegetarian, the video won't make your mouth water. But if you thought the process involved a liquidy strawberry milkshake (meatshake?) fluid full of beaks and claws, you'll be surprised at how meat-like the meat actually is. 

The Tyson factory where the video is shot (one of four that makes McNuggets in the U.S.) features actual humans cutting the chicken meat. That runs in opposition to the "pink slime" myth because that slime is the result of mechanically separated chicken, a process designed to help manufacturers get all of the meat off of a carcass and not lose little scraps that are stuck to bones and other unused parts. The video doesn't tell you what else is in the nuggets or how those chickens are raised (an unpleasant life for chickens at many farms), but it gives a good sense of how they're made in the factory. 

Watch the video above (don't forget its source) and be grossed out or not, but go to bed knowing that Chicken McNuggets are actually made with white meat and not soft serve chicken meat with bone dust.

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