Hero McDonald's Employee Gave Out $1,600 Worth of Extra Nuggets Over 2 Years

“Rise and rise again until lambs become lions," said Robin Hood, and a legacy was born. 

Today the lambs of society stream endlessly through McDonald's doors. They flood the drive-thru and click "nuggets" on UberEats. They order 10-pieces aplenty and pay their due, but one Canadian employee called Cody Bondarchuk, otherwise known as the "Robin Hood of Nugz," has been providing that which will turn a lamb into a lion -- one extra nug.

It is true that there existed before great McDonald's employees, the kind who added less ice to the Coke, more sauce in the bag. But never before have we seen a man so persistent in his capitalist heroism as Bondarchuk, who between 2007 to 2009 snuck one extra nugget into every 10-piece order before him. 

Ay, but he was a stealthy lad, and waited until the end of his McDonald's tenure to admit via the public Twitter forum that his career had been dedicated to fighting the bourgeois. 

And, oh, how the village people rejoiced, or said weird shit, or bragged about their own do-gooding: 

Now it is up to us village people to protect the once incognito Robin Bondarchuk. May his legacy continue, and potentially go on a tangent towards Popeyes and inspire employees to open a backdoor fried chicken business that only Thrillist employees such as myself will be informed of. So I can write for the people, of course. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.