A TikTok User Claims That You Can Get Free Refills on Large McDonald's Fries

Simply asking never hurt anyone?


TikTok is great for a lot of things, not the least of which is uncovering fast food secrets. First, there was the $9 McDonald's birthday cakes, then the espresso milkshake hack. Now the app is buzzing about something else at the Golden Arches: free fry refills.

In a video viewed more than 5.2 million times at the time of writing, TikTok user Orlando Johnson filmed a friend getting his large fry container refilled by a McDonald's employee, no questions asked. The video sparked an app-wide conversation about whether or not McDonald's employees are supposed to refill large fry boxess.

Speaking with Newsweek, Johnson revealed that he and a friend just happened to be at McDonald's when the idea hit them to simply ask for more fries and see what happened. The worst they could do is say no, right?

"We both were surprised they said yes," he told the outlet. He added that he has since tried this at various other locations, and that it has worked every time so far.

Users flooded the comments section of his video, titled "Why this man ask for a refill on his fries and they gave him one," with a surprising claim: It's company policy (maybe)!

"Turns out they have to do this. If you read the fine print, a large fries gets unlimited refills," one user wrote in the comments.

Others backed that, writing that McDonald's employees have to refill large fry orders when asked. Not everyone agreed, however. Another commenter said that it was likely just a chance encounter with a kind employee. They noted that most fast-food workers will "probably do it if the manager isn't there."

McDonald's has no such policy on its site, however, and the company confirmed to Thrillist in an email that free fry refills are not a standard policy.

However, looking at Johnson, policy or not it can never hurt to ask politely, right?

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