McDonald's New "Giga" Big Mac Is Even Bigger Than a Regular Big Mac

If you know the Big Mac song by heart, unfortunately, you're going to have to modify those lyrics for the fast food giant's newest incarnation. It's a small change -- but a big one, in terms of burger size.

According to Rocket News, the new Giga Big Mac boasts four patties and 2.8 times the amount of meat as its lesser predecessor, the Big Mac. The April-only burger is being marketed to "diners looking for a satisfied sense of accomplishment," which apparently only comes after consuming four patties. The current price is set at 740 yen or $6.74.

In addition to the Giga Big Mac, Japan also introduced a Grand Big Mac (530 yen or $4.74) with only two patties but containing 30 percent more meat than the Big Mac. However, there are no promises of a "sense of accomplishment" with this one. A limited number of both Grand and Giga Big Macs will be sold at select McDonald's Japan locations until the end of the month.

If you really want to try one, you'd better book an urgent flight to Japan, eat one of these burgers, and then maybe not move for a while. Or maybe just order a regular Big Mac with two extra patties?

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