McDonald's Made a $100,000 Golden Shamrock Shake Covered in Gems


One dollar bid, now two, now two, would you give McDonald's two dollars for a $100,000 Golden Shamrock Shake? Who wants to buyem and whadoya wanna give during the official Golden Shamrock Shake auction, starting Tuesday, February 25, at 5am ET?

Hands should be swinging men, getaboard and getitdone, because McDonald's is celebrating 50 years of the minty-green favorite by launching Golden Shamrock Shake bidding at $1 on the Ronald McDonald House Charities eBay page. The prize is a hand-crafted cup made with "high-polish 18K gold and precious stones." 

“The Golden Shamrock Shake auction is an exciting way to support our mission and help keep even more families together and near the medical care their child needs, when they need it most," said Chief Marketing and Development Officer, RMHC, Kelly Dolan in a press release. 

This news is following the return of the Shamrock Shake and introduction of the new OREO Shamrock McFlurry, which features traditional vanilla soft serve loaded with Oreo chunks and McDonald's signature Shamrock flavoring. It's about the closest thing to heaven, getherquick. 

But heresalittle good news if you don't win on eBay: From February 25 to March 6, McDonald’s customers can enter to win a Golden Shamrock Shake by purchasing a Shamrock Shake or its OREO counterpart via Mobile Order & Pay in the McDonald’s App. 

How many dollars here how many dollars, take anothalook, guys, where else yagunna find one? The auction is ends Friday, March 6 at 5am ET.

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.