McDonald's Now Offers a Giant 48-Piece McNugget Meal... But There's a Catch

Things people could always use more of: time, cowbell, and Chicken McNuggets, apparently. The first one will never be entirely solved, Will Ferrell handled the second, and McDonald's Japan is taking care of the third by releasing a new 48-piece chicken McNugget meal. And in case you were wondering, yes, it comes in a McBucket.

McDonald's will sell these 48-piece monster buckets for a limited time, beginning on December 1st, 2015, according to the press release. Unfortunately, they'll only be available in the Niigata prefecture during a select promotional period. But if you're there, it'll be a helluva McParty. The release is part of an advertising campaign for Japanese performance group NGT48, which has 48 members and is from Niigata. It all makes sense now. Sort of.

To put this bucket of nuggets in perspective, it goes a whole eight pieces above and beyond the fatty fat 40-piece meal sold here in the United States. However, in Japan, the previous largest McNugget meal only included a mere 15 pieces. Pssh. The new 48-piece meal will set you back 1,800 yen, or $14.70. Which isn't all that bad. Until you consider how you're gonna feel after eating 48 McNuggets.

Probably time to find a McFriend.

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