McDonald's Is Serving a Towering Double Big Mac With 4 Beef Patties

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Courtesy of McDonald's
Courtesy of McDonald's

If you've ever thought McDonald's Big Mac jingle -- two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun -- would sound better with four all-beef patties, then it's time to warm up your vocal cords. That Big Mac is finally here.

McDonald's announced on Tuesday that in addition to the classic Big Mac, it's not serving a brand new Double Big Mac with four burger patties instead of two as well as a Little Mac, which sports only one burger patty. As you can see (check out the photo above), the Double Big Mac towers over the others. However, it could probably use one more slice of cheese. 

"The Big Mac is more than a burger -- over the past 50 years it has become an international icon and a consistent favorite for our fans,” Linda VanGosen, vice president of menu innovation at McDonald's, said in a statement. “From the perfect ratio of our infamous Special Sauce, to the crunch of our crisp lettuce and the juiciness of our 100% pure beef patties, customers know and love the unmistakable flavor of the Big Mac. We’re excited to give them new ways to enjoy the burger they love and satisfy fan cravings of all sizes with three delicious Big Mac options.”

Though it's not the first time McDonald's has experimented with changing up the size of the Big Mac, it is the first time you can get a Big Mac with four patties. We're still waiting for McDonald's to make a Big Mac with the fresh and beefy Quarter Pounder patties.

The new Big Macs are available beginning March 11 at participating restaurants but only for a little while. Although VanGosen refers to McDonald's delicious Special Sauce as infamous, we're rather fond of the relish-filled spread. If you are too, then hurry to McDonald's to get the Big Mac of your dreams -- whatever the size. 

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