McDonald's Is Giving Out a Bunch of Free Stuff This Week

Whether McDonald's is a rare indulgence for you or you can't go a day without coating your stomach in French fries, you'll agree that that's quite a yellow on the logo. And if you ever find yourself wishing you could wrap yourself in that yellow or adorn yourself with a picture of an efficiently assembled hamburger, you're in luck.

McDelivery Day is returning on Thursday, July 19, and McDonald's is celebrating by giving out free stuff. But this isn't just any old free stuff: It's '90s-inspired swag from its Throwback Collection, and you know how great we all pretend the '90s were.

To get your McDonald's memorabilia, just place a minimum $5 order via Uber Eats after 10:30am on Thursday and select your free item to have delivered along with your food. According to Chew Boom, the collection includes T-shirts, Big Mac and French fry tube socks, French fry bandanas, McDonald’s themed pins, and Big Mac PopSockets (those things that people have on the back of their phones).

All this stuff is first-come, first-serve and only available while supplies last, so the earlier you hop on this the better, lest you miss out on the coveted French fry bandana. Also note that you can't get $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu items for delivery.

Check out this list of participating locations and start your transformation into a human billboard. 

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