McDonald's Announces All-New 'McPlant' Burger & Upgraded Chicken Sandwich

The new additions will start to roll out in 2021.

Photo Courtesy of McDonald's

McDonald’s US locations have gone without plant-based burger options for so long now we almost forgot they didn’t have them. While other chains have sprinted to add Impossible and Beyond options to their menus, the fast food giant has taken its sweet, meat-free time entering the race.

After a brief dalliance with a Beyond Meat “P.L.T.” (that’s plant, lettuce, and tomato), at locations in Canada, the golden arches has announced that it will instead expand its own proprietary plant-based offerings stateside and abroad in the coming year. 

“As we have worked to better understand customer demand, some markets around the world have tested plant-based products. Informed by those learnings, we have created a delicious burger that will be the first menu option in a plant-based platform we are calling McPlant. McPlant is crafted exclusively for McDonald’s, by McDonald’s” Ian Borden, president, international at McDonald’s, said in a statement. 

“In the future, McPlant could extend across a line of plant-based products including burgers, chicken-substitutes, and breakfast sandwiches. And, we expect some markets will test the burger next year,” Borden said. 

McDonalds will also introduce a new chicken sandwich in 2021. A crispy filet will be topped with crinkle cut pickles and butter and served on a toasted potato roll.  

"We believe it’s going to jump start our chicken journey, build our chicken credentials and get people to start looking at us differently," McDonald's USA president Joe Erlinger told USA Today. "We’re excited about the moves we’re making to meet—and exceed—customer expectations for great-tasting chicken. That is how we will start to build our chicken credibility."

2021 is looking better and better.

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