The Internet is Roasting McDonald's for Its New "High-Fashion" Uniforms

Published On 04/21/2017 Published On 04/21/2017
new mcdonald's uniforms

Special Project• Refinery29 | Waraire Boswell designs McDonalds Crew and Manager Uniforms. (Swipe to see pictures). ------------------------------------- What a moment. Prior to dressing a incredible list of talent across a global spectrum and producing RTW products, I was a teenager working my 1st job at McDonalds (on Lincoln) in Pasadena, CA during the basketball off season. Never thought that 26 years later I would have the opportunity to overhaul the McDonalds America Crew & Manager uniforms and potentially dress nearly 860,000 employees in over 14,000 McDonalds franchises. Read that we all have different paths to make it to an intended destination. What an amazing opportunity and path to travel. ------------------------------------- Link: ------------------------------------- #mcdonaldsuniforms #waraireboswell #WaraireforMcDonalds #uniforms

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