McDonald's Pumpkin & Creme Pie Is Back

But it's not available at all locations.

McDonald's Pumpkin & Creme Pie is back for 2022, according to Brand Eating. The beloved fall treat has made its seasonal return, at least in some locations. In 2021, one Instagram user, @junkfoodonthego, posted that they got the pie in Los Angeles.

The pie is coated in sugar, baked turnover-style, and filled with pumpkin pie filling in one half and creme filling in the other half. It's kind of like being able to hold a perfect slice of Thanksgiving dessert in a perfect little pocket of pie crust.

As usual, the pie isn't available at all McDonald's locations and won't be around for long. With McDonald's keeping mum on official return locations for the menu item, for now, it will require a bit of your own sleuthing on the McDonald's app to see if locations near you carry the coveted treat. Depending on your location, the price may vary. In LA, you can get one for $1.19 and two for $1.89. 

Can't find them? At least there are some other sweet options on the menu. Try the '80s throwback cheese danish, which was also just reintroduced to the menu.

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