McDonald's Has Made Pumpkin Spice French Fries

It’s fall, and along with the modest temperature change and harvest moons hanging low in the sky, pumpkin spice is rearing its oversaturated head once more. On Thursday, Starbucks announced a discount on the pumpkin spice latte -- the mothership of all things pumpkin and spiced -- and McDonald’s is entering the fray, having just announced pumpkin spice french fries. Yes, you heard that correctly. Pumpkin spice. On french fries. It’s so autumn, you guys.

Unfortunately, the promotion is only taking place in Japan -- a country with a rich but occasionally weird fast food tradition -- from September 28 to October 31. The hamburger empire will smother french fries in chocolate and pumpkin sauce, giving your potatoes a greasily festive sheen just in time for Halloween -- which is apparently quite big in Japan.

Japan seems like McDonald’s laboratory for strange takes on the fast food game: Last November, the company debuted the 48-piece chicken McNugget deal, and in January, squirted chocolate sauce all over french fries. Both prior menu items seemed to be quite a smash in Japan, and judging by the feeling on Twitter, pumpkin spice fries will be cherished just the same.

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Sam Blum is a News Staff Writer at Thrillist, and is allergic to pumpkin spice. Follow him on Twitter @Blumnessmonster.